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Video Guestbook

This is perfect for at-the-event video messages. Capture the mood and atmosphere of your event through your friends' eyes!
With this style, you print professionally designed Printables, each containing your personalized QR code, and place them on tables and other high traffic areas.

Your guests scan your QR code and tap Record. No need for an account. Their videos are quickly uploaded in full quality to your account, where they remain safe and sound, waiting for your final touch.

Once ready, you can quickly merge them all into a single video, or drag and drop to rearrange. You can also add other creative touches with our easy-to-use Editing Suite.

Your friends will help you create a precious keepsake you'll treasure for the rest of your life!

We walk you through creating great-looking Printables for your event. All printables have a QR code.

Here’s how it works

1. Design your printables
  • Add your picture or use our stock photo
  • Use our default text or edit it to suit your preferences
  • Choose a design template from our professionally designed library
  • Edit fonts, colours, size
1. Print
  • Print Tabletop cards you can place on all the tables and in other high traffic parts of the venue
  • Print a large poster for a high traffic area like a photo booth
  • Export the QR code to give to your printer to add to other items like name cards
1.  Guests scan the QR code, record a message and it immediately arrives in your app, safe and sound
    1.  After the event, drag and drop (or remove) clips on your timeline to create the video
    • Optionally add some extra creative touches, like text, GIFs, stickers, pictures, music, using our easy-to-use tools
    1.  Once you’re happy with the preview, tap a button to create your HD quality, sharable, merged video
    • When the video’s ready, you can leave it online — we continue to host it for a year — or download it to your hard drive. Or both.

    Enjoy it forever!