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Be a part of Grandpa's Birthday!

We’re creating a Birthday group video for Grandpa and really hope you'll be in it! Here's how it works: I’ve created a series of questions for all of us to answer via video. 1. Simply enter your name below, review the questions on the next screen, then tap record to get started. 2. Answer each question by video. You can choose to skip a question if you have nothing to say but I hope you don't! 3. Once everyone's finished, I merge them all together into a single video compilation. We'll then surprise him at his Birthday party 😄 Please do this today/tomorrow if possible so you don’t forget 🙏 Grandpa will LOVE this ❤️❤️ Thanks!! PS. When you record, you’ll have the ability to preview and reshoot each video clip as often as you want before uploading.
Recording tips
  1. Keep your phone as steady as possible.
  2. Record where it is quiet so there aren’t a lot of distracting noises and we can hear you clearly.
  3. Film in good light. We recommend recording while facing a window for flattering, even light.

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