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Be a part of Illinois Heartland Library System Staff's Thank You!

Ideas on what to say:
What do you appreciate most about Illinois Heartland Library System?
What makes Illinois Heartland Library System's staff wonderful?
How has an Illinois Heartland Library System employee impacted your life?
Does a particular Illinois Heartland Library System employee inspire you? What's their most inspiring trait?
How has an Illinois Heartland Library System staff member made you smile?
Share an all-time favorite memory with Illinois Heartland Library System employee.
On May 4, 2023, Illinois Heartland Library System is holding Staff Day, a day-long celebration to honor our fantastic staff, and we're inviting you to help! Has one of our employees made your work easier? Maybe a delivery driver has made you smile, or a membership staff member has helped you stand up to a book challenge. Perhaps, a cataloger has charted a path through your mass of strange realia. Or maybe you've just enjoyed knowing we're always here and happy to serve you. Whatever your experience, now is your chance to share your appreciation! IHLS is making a video thank-you card to play at Staff Day, and you are invited to share stories, praise, or messages of gratitude. It's really easy! Just tap the link below to send your video message. You can use this link to record now or to upload a pre-recorded video from your phone or computer. We recommend that you record your video today so you don’t forget. And thanks!!
Recording tips
  1. Keep your phone as steady as possible.
  2. Record where it is quiet so there aren’t a lot of distracting noises and we can hear you clearly.
  3. Film in good light. We recommend recording while facing a window for flattering, even light.

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