Waverly is Celebrating Our School!

We're creating a special video for Waverly School! — a group video from all the people who matter to Waverly School!. Waverly is an amazing community of enthusiastic learners and inspiring staff! Let's celebrate our amazing community by sharing our happiness of being a part of this community! As you’re one of those people, would you please do a short video clip 😄 It's really easy! Just tap the link below to send your video message. You can use this link to record now or to upload a pre-recorded video from your phone or computer. Please do your video today so you don’t forget 🙏 Please record yourself saying "Hi my name is___________, I am in (Kindergarten or First Grade). This is my smile when I walk into Waverly! I am a VIP at Waverly and I S.O.A.R." And thanks!!

What you can talk about in your video

  • What do you appreciate most about Waverly School!?
  • What makes Waverly School! wonderful?
  • What accomplishment of Waverly School! inspires you?
  • Ideas for a great video:


    Record or Upload Your video

    The following people have already contributed video clips (Thank you!)

    Giovanni Trombetta
    Olaf Krywko
    Taiki Kumamoto
    PJ Barrentine
    Art Salihi
    Audrey Cha
    Thomas Robida
    Anna Zhao
    Felippe SOUSA
    Ha Anh Nguyen
    Gianfranco Debellis
    Francesca Meade
    Mia Ferguson
    Emma Collins
    Mia Ferguson
    Joshua Chow
    Emma Boak
    Monte Montenero
    Emma Boak
    Santink D'Auria
    Meadow Santelli
    Joseph Cirolia
    Takashi Sugawara
    Isabell Pozzuto
    Vince Pinto
    Allan Mieses
    Anna Baranchuk
    Penelope Lao
    Ava Cunningham
    rory delucia
    Priscilla Belli
    Kohei Hijikata
    Victoria An
    Nora Scaramuzzino
    Lorenzo Monaco
    Violet Mason
    Haruma Ono
    Nora Lucas
    Clara Bowman
    Aurora Masmalaj
    Kako Naito
    Daniel Franklin
    Juliette Sturek